About Tamura

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Seattle Magazine: Best Restaurants Readers' Choice Award 2014
Seattle Magazine: Best Restaurants for Dinner 2013
Travel + Leisure: Best Sushi Restaurants in the U.S.
bon appétit: The Best 10 New Japanese restaurant in America

About Tamura

Using local and seasonal ingredients is the most important element in Japanese cuisine. It also has become the primary principle for the international culinary community. With commitment to that philosophy, Tamura features seasonal ingredients of the Pacific Northwest in authentic Japanese preparation.

Tamura is a Kappo style restaurant where food is prepared in an open kitchen and served quickly in a lively environment where staff and guests talk about the food and beyond. Our goal is to become the very best restaurant to our guests by getting to know them and serving them in a personable yet professional manner.

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About Our Chefs

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About Urban Garden

Earlier in July, Sushi Kappo Tamura teamed up with Ravish and Urban Farm Co. to plant the first seedlings for our rooftop garden, and we couldn’t be more excited! From a little ‘TLC,’ our urban farm has finally come to fruition with young, leafy tendrils avidly absorbing sunrays to grow into delicious herbs and vegetables. Tender, loving care? Close, but not quite. Here at Sushi Kappo Tamura (SKT), ‘TLC’ translates to ‘Tending to our Local Communities,’ stemming from our belief in creating positive, long-lasting relationships with our familial, social, and environmental circles.

Just as greens need nutrients to yield the most vibrant leaves, so do we; we can only extend the best by simply being our best. SKT is rooted down by the “Kappo family,” a team of people who hold a high level of respect for one another. With a shared sense of camaraderie held amongst us, we express this natural, warm energy through the company we offer. Our social circle is comprised of our guests, building tenants, and everyone else that joins us for an evening. Sitting opposite each other, our chefs and patrons share not just simple words or pleasantries but a mutual enjoyment of Japanese cuisine and culture that ties us together. As for our environment, we have always been committed to using ingredients from our local Northwest to lessen our negative impact on the Earth because eating locally tastes and feels better. Since opening our doors, our chefs have consistently used local, sustainably farmed foods to artfully grace our plates; and really, how much more local can we get than on top of our own roof?